Veras timeless music selection, a subtle mixing style and her authentic, elegant appearance behind the decks impressed clubbers and promoters all around the globe.  Constantly evolving and picking up impulses, she follows her intuition rather then trends and she keeps surprising with unexpected sets, that have an unpretentious, female touch.  Veras media are her vinyls, that she’s choosing from a decent record collection. For her it’s all about the story a dj is telling and the ambience being created, not about genres or playing one big tune after the other. Each gig she prepares passionately, trying to imagine and select the right music for each place she's visiting.  Her roots reach back to the golden age of techno and house- the early 90’s. Over a decade of experience behind the decks turned her into a routined DJ, that is booked in numerous places all over the world. At the same time though, she’s still a insiders’ tip to many.  Since 2004 she has a residency at the famous Robert Johnson Club in Offenbach. As a producer Vera released music on respected labels like Perlon, Oslo, Hello? Repeat and moonharbour/ cargo edition- solo works as well as collaborations with Ricardo Villalobos, Federico Molinari and with Maayan Nidam, under the moniker Mara Trax. Since 2011 Vera lives and works in Berlin, where she’s hosting regular nights at her favorite Berlin place, Club der Visionäre.



Labels: Cargo Edition, Oslo, Cyclical Tracks, Perlon, Net28
Related Projects: Mara Trax

Vita/Bio: From her upbringing in the German town of Heidelberg to her first international
residency at !Monza Club Ibiza" in 2005, Vera has steadily developed into one of
Frankfurt"s most prominent exports. She stands for deep, electronic music that
meanders between the traditional banks of house and techno. Juggling the dual role of
DJ and producer effortlessly, the past few years have seen her release an exclusive
mix for Monza Ibiza as well as sophisticated productions in collaboration with Miss Fitz
as the duo „Mara Trax". With a debut solo EP imminent and bookings at a number of
Europe"s top clubs.

During her childhood she was mostly surrounded by classical music and got her basic
musical education by studying a few instruments. At the age of 14 she started to listen
to hip hop and house music and was intrigued, but still had to wait another 4 years
until she was old enough to explore music and life in the night clubs. When she first
entered a techno club in Frankfurt in 1993, she found exactly what she had
been looking for. In the following years Vera started collecting mixtapes and listened to
uncountable DJ-Sets. She was a regular guest at the legendary techno club Omen in
Frankfurt and at that time she developed her preferences for Chicago house, for music
from Detroit and the sound of Maurizio, Studio1, Thomas Brinkmann and the early
Perlon and Playhouse releases. After spending almost seven years on the dance floor,
Vera started buying records. Roman Flügel from Alter Ego was one of the first, who
invited her to play at Robert Johnson in 2003 and soon after she became Resident DJ
at Robert Johnson, one of Europes most respected and authentic clubs
In 2005 the promoter of Frankfurt"s House Club Monza moved to Ibiza and started the
weekly „Monza Club Ibiza" parties on the island – and on this party Vera got her first
international residency. In 2006 she played at Space and DC10 and after releasing her
exclusive compilation mix CD for Monza Ibiza she made it into the clubs in all over
Europe, such as Panoramabar (Berlin), Goa (Rome) T-Bar & Fabric (London), New
York (BLK Market), Moog (Barcelona), Zukunft (Zürich) and many more.


Vera stands for sophisticated, deep, electronic dance music, somewhere between house and
techno. She has started to work on her own definition of house music – bridging
classic house with new influences. Her first track „nook" was released on Spanish
minimal label Cyclical Tracks in December 2007. As Mara Trax, a collaboration
with Miss Fitz aka Maayan Nidam, Vera produced two EPs in 2008, one on Cyclical
Tracks and another one on Oslo Records Together with Federico Molinari she also
released an EP on „Love letters from oslo“. July 2008 Vera has released her first solo
EP on Cargo Edition. 2010 she released as Mara Trax on Perlonʼs Superlongevity Nr.5
the Track Sticky Finger and a new Maratrax EP is comeing soon....