Leo Leal

Leo Leal

Mexican DJ and producer Leo Leal has now finished his apprenticeship and is very much a master of his art. Recent years have seen him quickly rise up through the ranks after starting out on this path aged just 16. Using his formal piano training and experimental approach to studio work, he has now found his own unique sound and as such is in demand by both label bosses and club and festival promoters all over the world.

That sound is a fresh take on techno & house with groovy kick and clap combos that really strike dancers where it matters. Often embellishing his tracks with slick synths and subtle effects, he is a real wizard on the buttons and it shows in how often his music gets played by top DJs around the world. His sets, too, are well informed things that draw on many different shades and styles of house and techno music and always result in exciting soundtracks.

The last year alone has seen him debut his new and brilliantly expressive live set on Boiler Room in Tulum as well as at Blkmarket Membership in New York. He has also played Mutek with Lake People (again on Boiler Room) and also played shows all across the United States as well as in ,Canada, Colombia, Ecuador, Costa Rica, ,Guatemala , Peru and Argentina. Of course, he also holds down his own assured residency at Casa Morelos in Mexico, and for the way he plays such diverse and devastating sets, it has become somewhat legendary.

Production wise, Leo really knows his stuff. As such he is signed to John Digweed’s world famous Bedrock label and plays with the crew at places like BPM Festival whenever there is a showcase. He has also released on Kollektiv Turmstrasse’s Imprint Musik Gewinnt Freunde, as well as having collaborated with Markus Homm on the label Leo runs, Unike Muzik. As such, Leo Leal is now very much a key player in the global electronic music game, and one that DJs and dancers could not live without.