Gulp has his finger on an international pulse. 

Originally from Buenos Aires, Gulp was instilled with a deep musical curiosity from a young age. Inspired by friends who had cultivated a thriving scene, Gulp was compelled to contribute to the vitality of his home culture. A decade later, he remains a faithful servant by contributing work to collaborative projects, artist collectives, and to the clubs that raised him. 

He co-founded the label SUR as a home to exchange and exhibit unique ideas between Europe and South America. SUR regularly hosts showcases between the two continents and is responsible for breaking out new talents. He continues his journey and his experimentation with sound and the different shapes of recorded electronics. He has released music in the trio, Formas, and is preparing a release with a new cross-genre group project, People People. 

Gulp is a dedicated collector, his interpretation of music is characterized by a tone of surrealist anxiety by juxtaposing historical music fragments, which enables him to yield up new meanings within a new aesthetics unity. His broad yet refined tastes have lead him to spin both high energy sets and more reflective ones that blend experimental, ambient, jazz, and funk. Gulp’s sets have garnered him a residency at the Overdoce parties at Club Der Visionaere and Hoppetosse in Berlin, performances for Home Festival in London, Cocoon in Ibiza, and gigs at festivals in Berlin and South America. 

He continues his musical journey from his base in Berlin.