This is the most profound musical proposal of a musician in constant evolution and search for new musical directions. Since “The Pinochet Boys” back in the 80´s, where Miguel Conejeros started his unique approach to groove making as the brain of this legendary art-punk band and throughout his oblique jungle and drum n’ bass excursion in the nineties, this national treasure always knows how to deliver the unexpected and leave a sweet aftertaste.

Nowadays F600 live performances include clubs worldwide and also contemporary art field presentations with sound installations. His participation in various music festivals such as Sonar, Mutek, Periferias, LEM, Algorythm and Versus Electronics among others make of F600 a very active producer and DJ, actually working with Nice Cat Records, Panal Records, Clang label, Occultists Label, Patagonia, and collaborations with Epasonidos and Pueblo Nuevo Netlabels.



“Subsoil ep” – Occultists 2017 
"Dos Puertas y Un Puente para una Banda Sonora" Pueblo Nuevo 2016
"Latinoamerican Mall" CLANG, 2016
"Kafküdengun" - Hueso Records 2016
“The Voices From Hypothalamus” (Nice Cat Records, 2012)
“At Home Like  a Tourist” (Pueblo Nuevo, 2011)
“Erich Zann P.1& P.2” Remastered Edition (PUREC- Pueblo Nuevo, 2009)
“Download” (Epasonidos, 2008)
“Danger Split/Ep.” (Erratica UK, 2004)
“Erich Zann Ep.” Part II & Part I (F6, 2003 / 02)
“Bipolar” (Purec, 2002)
“El último día” (ZooRec, 2000)
“Sombras tenebrosas Ep.” (F600, 1998)
“El empleado del mes” (Discos G, 1997)

Colaboraciones / Remixes:
Wait People ep. - Silver Eye F600 Rmx Moowi003 - 2017
Various spell Vol.1 - Occultists Berlin - 2017
F600 Rmx - UNISONNO - Everything EP #PNL11- 2017
Gris - 0 - Mr Impune (F600 Rmx) - Rehue Netlabel - 2017
V.A.  Patagonia Label Vol3 - PLB0026 2017
 V.A. PANAL Records - 2016
"Zapatos azules" Silvio Paredes - F600 remix (CLANG 2016)
"Flow Diverter"- F600 remix (Pueblo Nuevo 2015)
"No Model" Plastic People F600 remix (2015)
"Se caiga el Cielo" - Electrodomesticos Fiat600 remix ( Hueso Records 2015)
"The Soul" - Larry Peters-Uhmo Fiat600 remix ( CUMPA2014)
"Dime que si" - MKRNI -  F600/ Romancino Remix ( 2014)
"Viaje Astral" CDO - F600 Remix (2014)
"Cowboy" Miss Garrison  Fiat600 Remix (2013)
"Pepsi Love" Congosound/BCN - F600 Remix ( 2012)
Broken Love / F600 Rework - Octopus Finger / Stills (Epasonidos 082, 2012)
V.A. Fluorescence / F600 – Track9 (Epasonidos 080, 2012)
Gesto por Acumulación / F600 Remix (Epasonidos 078, 2012)
V.A. Cadenza Lab Compilation Vol.1 ( Cadenza, 2011)
“Miss You So” F600 Remix / R.Villalobos/Los Updates (Nice Cat records, 2011)
“Manila” by Basstk / F600 Remix (bump133, Japon 2010)
VA “Cruce de caminos- Lluvia Acida” Omora F600Rmx (Eolo, 2010)
"Un nuevo Baile" feat. Jorge Gonzalez F600 remix (2009)
“Driving nowhere” R.Villalobos/Los Updates Rmx (12″ Nice Cat Records, 2009)
“El Poder Corrompe” by Daniel Jeffs / F600Remix (Pueblo Nuevo, 2009)
V.A. “Epa_frozen”  Rmxs (Epasonidos, 2009)
V.A. “Synco soundtrack” (Pueblo Nuevo, 2009)
V.A. Epa Toasted" La cuestión (epasonidos 50 2008 )
V.A “SudAmerica Compilation” (Spezialmaterial, Suiza, 2008)
V.A. “Erratica Compiled” (Erratica UK, 2005)
V.A. “Fuera de Serie” (FDS, 2003)