Diego Errázuriz

Diego Errázuriz

With his piano Diego Errázuriz takes the audience on an introspective and personal journey that can go from the luminous to the dramatic, through light, darkness, melancholy and back. Through improvisation, Diego Errázuriz seeks an emotional connection and a catharsis with the audience, which with their silence and attention deeply influence the music.


A music that is open to influences, since it is not written, it is not the product of a process of composition but of improvisation, therefore it is permeable, spontaneous and flexible.


What arises during a concert happens for the first and last time in that place and at that moment.


Without formal training in classical piano and music theory, Diego Errázuriz Guler - born in Santiago de Chile in 1984 - has taken the piano to a dimension seldom explored for the fundamental instrument of Western music.


His proposal is that of genuine improvisation, based on reflections and personal stories in a complete retreat. In this way, Errázuriz produced a continuous creation that, after his first rehearsals, recordings and editions, culminated in the double album Berlin Meditations (2016), a culminating point for his soloist approach to improvisation. In 2015, he traveled to Berlin in search of new horizons where, in addition to playing live on different stages, he recorded his fourth album entitled "Berlin Meditations". Like the three previous albums, "Berlin Meditations" is composed exclusively of improvisations, with the difference that in "Berlin Meditations" all the material was recorded in only two studio sessions.


At eighteen years old, Errázuriz lost his most influential piano teacher. Jaime Vivanco, musician from the bands Congreso and Fulano, passed away in 2003 but planted in the young student the seed of music for piano seen with other eyes. Henceforth, Errázuriz began to work on the concept of harmonic improvisation, based on spontaneous musical motifs, subject to alterations or variations, always with the reference Keith Jarrett and his famous improvisations in cities such as Cologne, Bremen or Lausanne.


A concert given in 2011 at the Municipal Theater of Las Condes, as part of a program dedicated to Liszt by classical pianists Pedro Robert and Sebastián Amenábar, would be key in his soloist route and in his next records. He had already self-published two session of improvisation (Impromptu mañanero, 2002, Day and night, 2005), but it was then that Errázuriz continued his recordings. His albums La Espera (2012), 80 (2012) and Años luz (2013) were, thus, the prelude to the aforementioned Berlin Meditations (2016), which premiered live at the Mori Theater that winter.


During 2016, his work "ALMA Piano" formed part of the release on vinyl "ALMA Sounds" of the label Cadenza Records together with works by Luciano and Felipe Venegas. In addition to his solo project as a pianist and composer, Errázuriz is part of a duo with cellist Antonietta Aguirre with whom he published their first LP "Más Allá" in 2017. He is also part of the microhouse project "Gurakis" with Jorge Andrés Mitarakis with whom he has published on labels such as Drumma Records and Astelaguel.


He is currently dedicated to editing two new albums, the first recorded in March 2018 in Chile and the second titled "Three Years Later", recorded in Berlin in September 2018, three years after recording "Berlin Meditations" in the same recording studio (Emil Berliner Studios).




November 2009 - Central House of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

October 2011 - Las Condes Municipal Theater (Teatro Municipal de Las Condes)

November 2014 – Sala Master

December 2014 - Sala Master

May 2015 - Sala Master

August 2015 - nHow Music Night (Berlin, Germany)

September 2015 - Heinz Shuftan (Berlin, Germany)

October 2015 - Sala Master

April 2016 - School of Music TOKI (Rapa Nui)

June 2016 - MORI Parque Arauco Theater

November 2016 - MORI Parque Arauco Theater

January 2017 - Bosque de la Paz (Zapallar)

January 2017 - Church Pisco Elqui

July 2017 - Teatro del Lago (guest of the "Youth Orchestra of the Americas" as guest

composer to give a talk on improvisation for the musicians of the YOA)

August 2017 - Chilean Museum of Pre-Columbian Art

September 2017 - Centro de Arte Curaumilla

September 2017 - Cultural Corporation of Las Condes

October 2017 - Municipal Theater of Santiago - Sala Arrau (Teatro Municipal de Santiago)

January 2018 - Church of Pisco Elqui

February 2018 - Theater of Zapallar

March 2018 - Singularity Summit

May 2018 - Sala Master



November 2018 - MORI Parque Arauco Theater

October 2019 - Municipal Theater of Santiago - Sala Arrau (Teatro Municipal de Santiago).



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